Administrator Topic

Enable Job Distribution Connector

To enable the Job Distribution Connector integration, the client administrator must perform the actions listed below. The activation of the integration is a one-time activity.

Technical Documentation Resources

Technical documentation for developing the integration is available in API Explorer via the following navigation:

  • Admin > Tools > Edge > API Explorer > Cornerstone Connectors. Select Job Distribution Connector in the drop-down at the top-left of the page.

For administrators configuring the integration, an integration guide is available at the following locations:

  • Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace > Job Distribution Connector > Getting Started
  • Admin > Tools > Edge > Integrations > Job Distribution Connector > Getting Started

Configure Settings

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace.
  2. Click the Job Distribution Connector tile.
  3. Click Create Connection.
  4. Enter your job distribution provider information.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Configure Now. This opens the Settings page for the integration.
  7. Enter your Username. This is the user name provided by your vendor/development partner to authenticate the request from Cornerstone Recruiting to the job distribution provider.
  8. Enter your Password. This is the password provided by your vendor/development partner to authenticate the request from Cornerstone Recruiting to the job distribution provider.
  9. Enter your Secret Key. Cornerstone uses your secret key to encrypt the password and user token before it is sent to the job distribution vendor. You will need to share the same secret key with the vendor/development partner who in turn will use the key to decrypt the password and token received from Cornerstone.
  10. Enter your job distribution vendor’s name in the Vendor Name field. Recruiters will see the value you enter here on the Job Posting page. If you do not enter a value, Cornerstone will display the default value of "Job Distribution."
  11. Enter the BaseServiceURL. This is the base URL endpoint for all the job distribution webhooks. This is provided by your vendor/development team.
  12. In the "Vendor Supports..." section below BaseServiceURL, you can enable or disable the Edit, Repost, Delete, and Delete All actions based on the actions supported by your vendor. Enable or disable by using the toggle for each action. The color of the action changes to black when the action is enabled.
  13. The Field Configuration section shows the list of available fields that Cornerstone may send to your job distribution provider when a user posts a job from Cornerstone to the vendor’s portal. Select the fields by turning on the toggle switch. Share the list of selected fields to your vendor/development partner to inform them of the fields that they can expect to be included in the job distribution request from Cornerstone. Note: Your vendor/development partner must be notified before you make any changes to the selected fields. This is to ensure that the integration does not break. This will allow the vendor to make the necessary changes, if needed.
  14. Click Save Settings. This directs you to the Manage Users tab for the integration in Edge.

Manage Users

From this page, you can provide a mapping between your users’ Cornerstone User ID and their credentials on the vendor’s portal. This allows your users to navigate seamlessly from Cornerstone to the vendor’s portal while creating, editing, or reposting a job.

Depending on the vendor’s implementation, you will need to provide your users’ password or token or both from the vendor’s system. All users who will be creating and managing job postings from Cornerstone to your job distribution vendor must already have an account with the vendor and must be listed on this page. If a user who is not listed on this page attempts to post a job, they will see an error message on the Job Posting page in Cornerstone.

To add users:

  1. Click Add New User. This enables the user fields to display.
  2. Enter the Cornerstone User ID. This is the user’s user ID in your Cornerstone portal.
  3. Enter the Vendor User. This is the user’s user ID in the vendor's portal.
  4. Enter the Vendor Password. This is the user’s password in the vendor's portal.
  5. Enter the Vendor Token. This is the user’s token in the vendor’s portal. This token is usually issued by vendors to facilitate single sign on (SSO) from Cornerstone to the vendor’s portal.
  6. Toggle the Active option to on to activate the user. Toggle the option to off to deactivate the user. Deactivating a record on this page does not deactivate the user’s account in Cornerstone or in the vendor’s site.
  7. Click Add User to save the information.

You can edit a user by clicking the edit icon in the Modify column.


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