Job Application API - Candidate Experience

Candidates can apply to your jobs on job boards provided that you have an integration with the job board. You will also need to have Job Application API enabled in your Cornerstone portal in order to pass candidate data from the job board to your portal.

Candidates cannot apply to a job more than once by using the same email address.

One-Click Experience

When candidates apply to your jobs on job boards, they will have a one-click experience when the application only requires basic contact information and a resume.

Once they submit their application, they become an applicant for the job and are visible in job's applicant pool in your portal.

Applications with Prescreening Questions or Assessments - Redirect to Your Career Site

If an application has prescreening questions, assessments, or other non-supported action items, the application cannot be completed with a one-click experience. Candidates are given an option to continue their application on your career sight, where they can answer the prescreening questions and to take assessments.

Candidates will have to log in to the career site or create an account if they do not yet have one. If the application is utilizing the Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience, they are taken to the application, where their information from the job board is prepopulated into the application fields. Their resume and cover letter are also passed to your portal.

Candidate's Preferred Language

The candidate's preferred language will be respected when their data is passed to your portal.

Candidate Can Re-Apply

Candidates can re-apply to your jobs on Stepstone job boards if you allow applicants to reapply. See General Preferences (by Division).