Enable Job Application API

What Is Needed?

  • Designated Cornerstone user record
  • API Key
  • API Secret
  • External Job Application API - Manage permission

Steps to Enable

To enable the Job Application API:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Edge > Integrations > Manage APIs to retrieve the API Key and API Secret.

  1. Create a user record that will function as the Service Account for the job board vendor when the vendor integrations with Cornerstone using the Job Application API. This user is only used to provision the session token during the API authentication process.
  2. Assign a security role with the External Job Application API - Manage permission, which is needed to access the API.
  3. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Edge > API Explorer and select Cornerstone Job Application Services. Review the documentation to build the API.

Steps After Enabling

  1. Set up an integration with a third party job board vendor.
  2. Provide the job board vendor with the API Key and Secret, as well as the user name for the user record created in Step 2. You will not need to provide the password for the user record because the vendor will not be logging in to your Cornerstone portal.