Google Analytics - Applicant Workflow

Organizations can use Google Analytics to track applicants as they are going through career sites, job postings, and application workflows. This allows organizations to include tracking in their applicant-facing pages.

Google Analytics

Implementing Google Analytics in Recruiting can help recruiters figure out which devices people are using to visit career pages and the source they used to reach the career site or job posting, such as via a search engine. Google Analytics can also track the time spent on the career pages and where applicants made it to in the application workflow and more. Recruiters can then build more targeted campaigns over time to attract the type of applicants they want, as well as optimize career sites and application workflows to make sure they are maximizing the number of applications submitted.

When enabled, the recruiter can view analytics information for career sites, job postings, and application workflows.

Use Case

  1. A recruiter is trying to hire social media marketers and lawyers. She has built a career site with a generic application workflow for social media and law positions.
  2. The recruiter notices that she is getting a lot of applications for her law positions but is not getting very many for her social media positions.
  3. She has Google Analytics implemented on the career site, as well as on the application workflow.
  4. The recruiter analyzes the data in Google Analytics and realizes that people interested in the social media positions tend to access the career site via a mobile device and try to apply via mobile, but they cannot easily navigate the career site nor get through the application workflow on a mobile device.
  5. The recruiter quickly optimizes the career site and enables the Apply with Mobile feature with a simpler application workflow. Following this change, she starts to see more social media marketing applicants.


This functionality is controlled by backend settings, which are disabled by default. To enable this feature, contact Global Customer Support. You will need to provide your Google Analytics and Google Universal Analytics tracking numbers for the accounts. You will also need to specify whether you are enabling Classic Analytics or Universal Analytics.