Manage Applicants - View First Advantage Results Column

Recruiters can view the status and results of a First Advantage (FADV) screening assignment on Manage Candidates or Manage Applicants.

Note: For users who do not have access to view the data in the column because the custom FADV status is configured as sensitive and the user does not have permission to view sensitive statuses, the column is blank.

View on Manage Candidates

See Candidates Page .

View on Manage Applicants

On the Manage Applicants page, a column displays in the applicants table to provide updates based on data received from FADV. The column must be configured to display on the Edit Page Layout page.

The column name displays as <Name of Integration>. The following are the possible values in the column:

  • <Blank> - If the user does not have permission to view the custom status, then no value displays.
  • Not Assigned - This displays if a screening has not yet been assigned to the applicant.
  • Assigned - This displays if the screening has been assigned but the applicant has not yet started the application and a status has not been sent from FADV. Note: The term "application" refers to the screening application that the applicant must complete for FADV.
  • Status: In Progress - In Progress displays if FADV has not yet returned a final result for the screening.
  • Result - The result displays as <Screening Package Title>: <Result Value><Score Value, if applicable>. A result displays for each screening package that has been completed or cancelled and FADV has returned a final result value for the screening. The score displays only if a score has been provided by FADV as part of the type of screening.