FADV WOTC Integration Implementation Steps

To enable the FADV WOTC integration, the client administrator must perform the actions listed below. The activation of the integration is a one-time activity per environment (Stage, Pilot, Production).

  1. Select and purchase the FADV WOTC integration via Edge Marketplace
    • Navigation: Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace
  2. Activate the FADV WOTC integration on Edge Integrate
    • Navigation: Admin > Tools > Edge > Integrate
  3. Configure the integration on the Edge Settings page
    • Company ID - This ID is used by FADV to authorize assessment request submissions from Cornerstone. The ID is provided by the client’s FADV project team.

Additional Information

  • You must have an existing contract with FADV.
  • You must work with your FADV project team to purchase and configure WOTC.
  • No migration is required.
  • The integration comes with Recruiting.
  • The integration cannot be purchased independently of a product line.
  • There is no added cost to use the FADV WOTC integration.