Applicant Experience - DDI Assessment

DDI assessments can be added to the application workflow or assigned via Manage Candidates or Manage Applicants. Applicants complete the assessment using a link in an email or by using the link in the application.

Application Workflow

When a DDI assessment is included in the application workflow, applicants can complete the assessment when filling out the application. The assessment appears as a step in the workflow. The name of the step is dependent on how the step is named when configuring the requisition.

The applicant clicks Launch on the application workflow step. This will register the applicant with DDI and open the assessment that is associated with the job requisition.

See Application Workflow - Add Integration.

Assign on Manage Candidates

See Manage Candidates - Assign Integrations.

Assign Ad Hoc Assessment on Manage Applicants

DDI assessments can be assigned via Manage Applicants. To assign an assessment:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Applicants page, and select the applicants to whom the DDI integration assessment should be assigned.
  2. Ensure that the applicant is in the proper DDI Integration status by selecting the Actions drop-down menu, selecting the Change status to action, selecting the DDI Integration Assessment status, and select Submit.
  3. While the appropriate applicants are still selected, select the Actions drop-down menu, and select the Assign Integration Assessment action.
  4. Select the DDI Assessment from the drop-down menu, and select Submit.
  5. The applicants will receive the Assign Integration Assessment email with a link that directs them to the DDI website. Once the assessment has been completed, the results are available on the Application tab within the Applicant Profile. Note: The Assign Integration Assessment email is only triggered if it is configured in Email Administration.

Note: In order for the vendor to post status/results back to Cornerstone in the QA environment, the vendor's IP address needs to be safe listed.

Manage Applicants Deprecation: Cornerstone is deprecating Manage Applicants in Q1 2024.