Enable Apply with LinkedIn (with Apply Starters)

To enable Apply with LinkedIn (with Apply Starters), complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace.
  2. Click the Apply with LinkedIn (with Apply Starters) icon. This opens the Edge Integrate page.
  3. Click Install. No payment through Edge is required.
  4. Configure the integration now.
  5. Continue to login to LinkedIn with your corporate Linkedin recruiter account.
  6. After successfully logging in to LinkedIn, you will see an option to enable the new Apply with LinkedIn (with Apply Starters).
  7. Click continue to enable Apply with LinkedIn (with Apply Starters).
  8. Return to the Edge > Integrations page and toggle LinkedIn (with Apply Starters) on so that the toggle is blue.

Once you have enabled Apply with LinkedIn 2.0, you will then need to enable it on an individual career site basis in Career Site Settings by checking the Allow Apply with LinkedIn option. The plugin is only compatible with mobile-friendly application workflows.

Additional Information

  • You must have Cornerstone Recruiting.
  • You must have LinkedIn Recruiter and/or LinkedIn Jobs.
  • There is no added cost to use Apply with LinkedIn 2.0.
  • No migration is required. Cornerstone will automatically look at the appropriate integration based on what is enabled and what application template is being used (either standard or mobile-friendly).