Application Workflow - Add Aon Assessment

Portals with an active AonAssessment integration can add the assessment to a Standard application workflow.

Add Aon Assessment

To add an Aon assessment to a Standard application workflow:

  1. Click the Add Section icon to add a section to the application workflow that will include the Aon assessment. Name the section in the Add Section pop-up. Note: You can also add the assessment to an existing section.
  2. From within the section, click the Add Action Item drop-down and select the desired Aon assessment. This opens the Edit Action Item pop-up.

  1. Enter a title in the Title field, up to 50 characters.
  2. Enter instructions in the Instructions field. This field accepts HTML and there is no character limit.
  3. Select "Aon Hewitt" from the Integration drop-down.
  4. Select the packet from the Packet field. Aon can have more than one assessment that can be configured or added in the workflow. These can be different types of assessments that evaluate different areas of cognitive ability/personality and will be available to select in the drop-down.
  5. Check the Completion Required field to require that applicants complete the assessment before moving to the next step in the application workflow. Or, leave the box unchecked to make the assessment optional.
  6. Click Save. This adds the assessment to the application workflow.