Applicant Profile - Application Tab (Aon Assessments)

When an Aon assessment is included in the application workflow or assigned via the Manage Applicants page, the assessment appears on the Application tab of the Applicant Profile page.

The following information displays for the assessment:

  • Assigned - This displays the date on which the assessment was assigned.
  • Reference ID - This displays the ID information mapped to the specific assessment.
  • Status - This displays the completion status of the assessment.
  • Assessment Package - This displays the specific assessment that is being configured.
  • Vendor Product ID - This displays the vendor’s identification of the assessment package
  • Result - This indicates whether the applicant passed or failed the assessment.
  • View Report - Click View Report to view the applicant's completed assessment. The link is only available for users with permission to view the assessment integration status and details link. Users who only have permission to view the integration assessment status will not be able to view the assessment report.