Applicant References Data

Data on an applicant's references is passed to Accurate Background Check when a background check is performed on the applicant. This means the applicant will not need to enter their references manually when filling out a background check form with Accurate.

How Is the Applicant References Data Retrieved by Accurate?

In order for Accurate to retrieve the applicant's data, specific reference questions will need to be created in the Question Bank in Form Management so that the questions can be added to a form in Form Management that will be used to request the applicant's references.

Field Mapping

The name of the question in Cornerstone does not need to match the name of the field in Accurate, but it must be mapped to the correctly corresponding field in Accurate in order for the data to pass successfully to Accurate.

Question Sets

There are three different sets of these questions, since applicants can submit up to three references. Each set represents one applicant reference. It is necessary to create each set.

If more than three sets are created, any data outside of the first three sets will not be passed to Accurate.

Create Questions

To create the questions:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > core functions > form management > question bank.
  2. Click Create Question.
  3. Select Text as the field type.
  4. Configure each question separately by entering a name for the question in the Question field and entering the API exactly as it is listed in the right-hand column. The "Field Name in Accurate Background Check" column indicates the exact name of the field in Accurate. You can use the Accurate field name as your question or enter a different name, but the API will need to correspond exactly so that the applicant's data can be transferred successfully.
field name in accurate background check enter this api in the api name field on the create question page
Reference Name Accurate_Reference_Name_1
Reference Phone Number Accurate_Reference_Phone1_1
Reference Phone Number 2 Accurate_Reference_Phone2_1
Reference Email Accurate_Reference_Email_1
Reference Relationship Accurate_Reference_Relationship_1
Reference Street Accurate_Reference_Street_1
Reference City Accurate_Reference_City_1
Reference State Accurate_Reference_State_1
Reference Zip Code Accurate_Reference_Zip_1
Reference Name Accurate_Reference_Name_2
Reference Phone Number Accurate_Reference_Phone1_2
Reference Phone Number 2 Accurate_Reference_Phone2_2
Reference Email Accurate_Reference_Email_2
Reference Relationship Accurate_Reference_Relationship_2
Reference Street Accurate_Reference_Street_2
Reference City Accurate_Reference_City_2
Reference State Accurate_Reference_State_2
Reference Zip Code Accurate_Reference_Zip_2
Reference Name Accurate_Reference_Name_3
Reference Phone Number Accurate_Reference_Phone1_3
Reference Phone Number 2 Accurate_Reference_Phone2_3
Reference Email Accurate_Reference_Email_3
Reference Relationship Accurate_Reference_Relationship_3
Reference Street Accurate_Reference_Street_3
Reference City Accurate_Reference_City_3
Reference State Accurate_Reference_State_3
Reference Zip Code Accurate_Reference_Zip_3

Create Form

Once you have created the questions, navigate to Form Management > Manage Forms and create a form for requesting an applicant's references, making sure to enter Accurate_Reference_Form in the API Name field on the Build tab. The purpose of entering this API name is so that the system knows the correct form to send to Accurate Background Check. See Create Form - Build Tab .

On the form, add the questions that you created above. The references request form will be assigned to applicants on the Manage Applicants page. The form will be available to the applicant from their My Profile page in the career site, where they can then launch and complete the form.