vILT Connector - Session Considerations

See the below sections for more information about creating and editing sessions, launching sessions, and updating the roster using an integration created using the vILT connector.

Create and Edit Sessions

Sessions created for vILT sessions using the Learning Management System (LMS) must be associated with the vILT custom provider. Session information is sent to the virtual meeting provider when the Save button is clicked on the Summary page of the ILT session creation workflow.

For more information about creating a session in the LMS: See ILT Session - Create/Edit.

Launch Session URL

After a vILT session has been successfully requested or assigned, end users can launch the session from their LMS transcript when the designated launch window has opened (Example: X minutes prior to session start). Depending on your virtual provider, instructors may have a different launch URL to initialize the session.

Update Roster

Automated Roster Update

After a session has been completed, the roster will be sent using an automated "Get Attendance" workflow update. If an email address reported in the GetAttendance call matches a system user's email, we that users is marked as "attended" for the specific session. Other users and non-matches do not result in any attendance changes within the LMS.

Manual Roster Update

An administrator can initiate a manual GetAttendance call from the Session Roster page for the session in the LMS. On the roster page, click the UPDATE ROSTER button at least twenty-four hours after the session ends. This obtains the attendance information from the provider directly and updates the roster within the LMS. The instructor must wait at least twenty-four hours after the session ends to ensure the provider has had time to record attendance. After the roster has been updated, click the SUBMIT ROSTER button. Note: Updating the roster manually will overwrite the existing roster for the session.

For more information about the Session Roster page: See Session Roster Overview.