Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) Connector (Early Adopter)

A Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) connector is available, allowing organizations and partners using Cornerstone to build integrations with the virtual meeting provider of their choosing. This connector allows seamless integration with Cornerstone Learning portals, connects end users to virtual meeting sessions, allows attendance tracking, and provides scheduling tools for instructors.

Please note that in order to use this connector, you must work with a partner to utilize a virtual meeting provider's public APIs or work with your vendor to build a Cornerstone integration. This connector can not be utilized until this prerequisite is met.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) Connector Integration Guide.

Use Case

Jeremy is a learning administrator at ACME Corp. ACME wants to use a specific new virtual meeting provider that meets their organizational needs, but there is no existing integration that would allow them to use this provider with their Learning Management System (LMS). Jeremy works with a development team to build a new integration, using the Virtual Instructor-Led Training connector.

Early Adopter Considerations and Exclusions

What functionality is not available with this connector?

Sessions can be cancelled within the Cornerstone system, but the session will not be automatically cancelled for the meeting provider.

What vendors and providers can I use with this connector?

This connector was designed to require only fundamental data, which allows it to work with many popular vendors. We recommend reviewing the connector requirements and the requirements of your chosen vendor or provider to evaluate compatibility.

Can I continue use my existing vILT integration?

Existing integrations are still supported. However, new integrations can be created by with more and newer features using the connector.

Can I use this new connector and my existing vILT integration at the same time?

Yes. Existing integrations are not impacted.

Can I use this connector with multiple virtual meeting providers?

Each organization can only have a single vILT provider using the connector while the connector is in an Early Adopter status.

Can I associate multiple accounts with a single integration?

This Early Adopter connector allows each organization to have a single account that uses the connector.


This functionality is available for organizations using the Learning module and Edge. To enable an integration created using the vILT connector, navigate to the Edge Marketplace.

Once the vILT connector is activated, a new vendor or provider is created and can be found on the ILT Vendors and Instructors page in the LMS. This vendor can only be deactivated by deactivating the vILT connector via Edge Integrate.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Edge Integrations - Manage Grants access to the Integrations service for Edge Integrate where the administrator can configure, enable, and disable their third-party integrations that are used within the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge
ILT Vendors - Create Grants ability to create new training Vendors (Providers). This permission works in conjunction with the Vendors - View permission. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration
ILT Vendors - Update Grants ability to edit/update existing training Vendors (Providers). This permission works in conjunction with the Vendors - View permission. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration
ILT Vendors - View Grants view only access to instructor led training vendors (providers), via the ILT Vendors and Instructors screen. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration