Webex Meeting Center - REST API​

Webex has modernized a set of APIs that impacts the Cornerstone CSX Learning and Webex Meeting Center integration. This integration provides a flexible way of setting up connection between Webex and Cornerstone CSX.

The Webex Meetings REST API enables seamless integration of Webex Meetings into your websites, apps, and services. Use Webex to schedule meetings, invite meeting attendees, update preferences, and more. The APIs used in the integration is replaced in the existing integration so that the transition for the customer is as smooth as possible. The key features are as follows:

  • Create, update, and cancel sessions
  • Create, update, and delete instructor
  • Launch session as instructor and learner
  • Report attendance from Webex to CSX
  • Extended Options
  • A new setting called New Edge Tile
  • A new OAuth Workflow to authenticate instructors while using the integration

This functionality is available as a new tile titled ‘Webex Meeting Center – REST API’ for all customers in Edge Marketplace to be added as a Trial in Pilot and Stage environments.

New customers should reach out to their Account Manager to purchase the integration for Production.

For customers already using Webex Meeting Center integration, contact Global Customer Support to enable the Edge Tile in Production. This integration is available as a new integration in Edge Marketplace titled ‘Webex Meeting Center – REST API’.

Integration Guide

Click here to download the Webex Meeting Center - REST API Integration Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)