Tin Can (xAPI) - Exporting xAPI Statements via API

Administrators may export xAPI statements from the Learning Record Store to a third party Learning Record Store via API. Integration information can be found in the Cornerstone xAPI (Tin Can) Integration Guidelines, specifically in the Authentication Requirements and Exporting xAPI statements via API sections.

Tin Can (xAPI) Integration Guidelines

Click here to download the Cornerstone xAPI (Tin Can) Integration Guidelines.

See Tin Can (xAPI).


When performing an export, please note the following considerations:

  • If no limit is set in the call, the limit of statements per call is set to 1,000.
  • A limit of up to 32,000 statements can be set using the <limit> parameter as long as the only parameters used in the call are <since>, <until>, <limit>, and <last_statement_id>.
  • If any other parameters are used in the call, the limit reverts to 1,000 unless an even lower limit is set using the <limit> parameter.
  • If it is required to export more statements than the current limit, it can be done via multiple requests using pagination with the <last_statement_id> parameter.
  • To improve stability, the API has a throttling limit of up to 10 calls per minute.