Stripe Payment Gateway - Overview

The Stripe Payment Gateway integration with Cornerstone Learning is an API-based solution that provides users the ability to purchase courses offered through the e-commerce functionality available as part of the Extended Enterprise module (EXE).

Stripe provides the following key features:

  • Transparent fee structure
  • Fee calculation can be defined for each supported payment method as follows:
    • Percent applied over the purchase order total value
    • Fixed value
    • Formula, using the purchase order total value
  • Easy administrator setup via Edge Marketplace
  • High standards for fraud prevention
  • 3DS/3DS2 Authentication
  • Tax calculations
  • Refunds


  • Customers must reach out to Stripe to create their account and request the following settings:
    • Stripe Account ID
    • Secret key
  • The following features are not supported:
    • Recurring billing
  • Note: For tax calculations, a Cybersource account is required.


Please contact your account manager to enable this integration.