Percipio Integration - FAQ

Please see below for helpful questions and answers about the Percipio integration:

Q: Can I change the provider name for courses synced from Percipio?

A: Yes. To do this, open a ticket with Global Customer Support and request a change to the provider name. It is not recommended to change the provider name to Skillsoft if your organization already has a Skillsoft provider in the portal.

Q: My organization has existing SSO with Skillsoft - Percipio. Is it possible to keep this and not use the embedded SSO?

A: Some existing SSO configurations may be also used with the new integration. However, this requires a customization project aligned with the Global Integration Service (GIS) team. Please work with your CSM to create a custom request.

Q: Our organization already has Percipio content in the portal. Can we enable the new integration?

A: Enabling the new integration when Percipio courses are already in your system's Course Catalog may lead to content duplication. The new integration includes the activation of the online content LO, and old courses cannot be migrated to it. Before enabling the new integration, deactivate the old Percipio courses or submit a request to Global Customer Support to remove the old Percipio courses.