SharePoint Web Parts Integration

Organizations can integrate SharePoint functionality with their system. Using SharePoint Web Parts, administrators can configure their Welcome page widgets to be integrated with SharePoint, which enables users to access system pages through their internal SharePoint services.

This integration is only supported for Sharepoint version 2010. It is unavailable for future purchase/enablement as it will be retired in a future release.


This functionality is controlled by a backend setting.

The following permissions apply to this functionality:

Welcome Page Preferences - Manage Grants ability to configure the look and feel of the Welcome Page that users see upon logging in to the portal. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. This is an administrator permission. Core Administration

Integrate SharePoint

Follow these steps to integrate your system with SharePoint Web Parts.

  1. go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Welcome Page.
  2. At the top of the Welcome Page Preferences page, click the Download SharePoint Web Parts link. Note: This link is only available for users with permission to manage Welcome Page Preferences.

  1. This downloads a .zip file that contains the content that is necessary to integrate your system with SharePoint. This integration should be completed by your IT department or your SharePoint administrator.


The user must be logged in to the system in order for SharePoint Web Parts to function properly. If a user is logged out of the system, the user must log in to the system to reestablish a connection between SharePoint and the system.

Users can only see the widgets that match their settings within Welcome Page Preferences. Also, any updates made to widgets within Welcome Page Preferences are reflected in SharePoint in real time.