PayPal Configuration - Best Practices

The following best practices apply to the PayPal Payment Gateway integration:

  • Both the business email account associated with the business PayPal account and the Merchant Account ID can be used to configure a PayPal payment account. Using the Merchant Account ID is recommended, as this hides the email address from users.
  • It is highly recommended that organizations configure a default PayPal payment account that can be used for any transactions that do not meet the criteria of their other PayPal payment accounts. Define this default account on the Define Payment Account page.
  • When creating a PayPal Business Account, the Business Name you provide appears as the merchant name on users' credit card transactions and also on the PayPal website when users are directed to PayPal to pay. It is recommended that organizations use an easily recognizable name as the Business Name. This is set during account registration, but can be changed using these instructions:
  • Regarding refund transactions via PayPal, the Transaction ID is the same value between Cornerstone and PayPal, making it easy to search between both tools. For instructions on how to refund purchases via PayPal, see: