PayPal - Automatic Refunds

If a session was purchased using PayPal, and the Automate Refund Using Refund Terms option is enabled, existing system refund logic is respected and the session is automatically refunded due to the user withdrawing from the session.

If the refund is successful, the related refund information is reflected in the following locations:

  • Manage Transactions page
  • Order History
  • Custom Reports
  • Emails

To enable automatic refunds for PayPal transactions, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > ILT Preferences.

The following existing refund options are available in the Payment Preference section of ILT Preferences - General:

  • Allow Refund terms setup - Select this option to enable administrators to set up refund terms when setting up an ILT event.
    • Automate refund using refund terms setting. Users will be refunded based on original form of payment. - This option is only available if the "Allow Refund terms setup" option is selected. Select this option to automatically issue refunds.
  • Allow no show fee charge - Select this option to enable administrators to set up no show fees when setting up an ILT event.

See ILT Preferences - General.

See Refunds Overview.