LinkedIn Learning Integration

The LinkedIn Learning integration allows LinkedIn Learning content to be synchronized with the Learning Management System (LMS). Learners can launch LinkedIn Learning content from the LMS or their LinkedIn portal and have their progress tracked in their LMS transcripts.

To access the Edge Marketplace, go to: Admin > Tools > Edge and click the Marketplace link.


Select this link to download the LinkedIn Learning Integration Guide.

Select this link to visit the Microsoft website and access the LinkedIn Learning and Cornerstone OnDemand Deep Integration Guide.

Use Cases

Use Case #1: Manage LinkedIn Content via Course Catalog

Brenda is a learning administrator at ACME Corp, which uses the LinkedIn Learning integration. She uses the Course Catalog to manage the courses offered by LinkedIn Learning. This content appears in the form of online courses within the Course Catalog.

Use Case #2: Launch and Complete LinkedIn Content in LMS

Lisa is an employee of ACME Corp. She browses for courses on Learner Home and decides to take a LinkedIn Learning course she finds. After launching the course, a new window opens with the course, and she does not need to provide additional login credentials. After she completes the course, it is added to her transcript in a Completed status.

Use Case #3: Sync LinkedIn Content with LMS Transcript

Lisa logged into the LinkedIn Learning site and completed a course for which she was not registered in the LMS. Because her learning administrator enabled the Bypass Registration option for the LinkedIn Learning integration, this completed course is synced to Lisa's transcript in the LMS.


The following considerations apply to this functionality:

  • When the LinkedIn Learning integration is enabled, LinkedIn Learning content is synced with the LMS on a nightly basis. Note: All synced content is flagged as Mobile Ready if the corresponding option on the Edge Configuration page for the integration is selected.
  • Administrators can configure a Bypass Registration option for the integration. If enabled, when a learner completes a course on LinkedIn Learning, even if they are not registered for the course in the LMS, the course appears in a Completed status on their transcript and can be reported on. If this option is disabled, in the same scenario, the course appears in a Completed status in the form of a learning record, which is NOT reportable.
  • The learning content progress report available through LinkedIn Learning is limited to training completions at this time. Other than completions, no other progress data is recorded in the LMS, meaning no percentage of progress or time spent in course is recorded.
  • LinkedIn Learning courses cannot have their progress reset by assigning a new registration. If a new registration will be made, the information will be reset in the interface, but upon launch, progress made in the course will remain.
  • While progress sent from LinkedIn Learning courses typically occurs in near real-time, in some cases it might take up to 24 hours for the progress to be sent back to Cornerstone CSX. This means that the course status and detail history might take up to 24 hours to be updated in the CSX system.


This integration is available for no additional cost via the Edge Marketplace . Additional information about the LinkedIn Learning integration and its configuration options is also available through the Edge Marketplace.

Organizations currently using or LinkedIn Learning AICC courses will need a migration to be able to use this new integration. However, this migration is not yet available. Further information will be shared with organizations using or LinkedIn Learning AICC courses once the migration becomes available.

For more information about the LinkedIn Learning platform, see: LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning - Edge Marketplace

In the Edge Marketplace, you can find the LinkedIn Learning integration by searching or browsing. To learn more about the LinkedIn Learning integration or begin the enablement and configuration process, click the LinkedIn Learning integration tile.

The page for the LinkedIn Learning integration provides access to the following tabs for learning more about and managing the integration:

  • Vendor - This tab provides information about the vendor that provides the integration. Here, you can view more information about the LinkedIn Learning platform.
  • Integration - This tab provides information about the integration itself and how it can be used with the learning management system (LMS).
  • Pricing - This tab provides information about the costs associated with the integration. Note: There is no cost associated with the LinkedIn Learning integration. This integration is free to enable.
  • Setup - This tab provides information about how to configure the integration once enabled. The integration can be configured via Edge Integrations.

LinkedIn Learning - Edge Integrations

Once the LinkedIn Learning integration has been added through the Edge Marketplace, the integration can be managed and configured from Edge Integrations. The Integrations page for the integration provides access to setup options which the administrator can use to customize the behavior of the LinkedIn Learning integration. See the Setup tab for the LinkedIn Learning integration in the Edge Marketplace for more information about the configuration options available.

LinkedIn Learning - Course Catalog

LinkedIn Learning content that has been synced to the LMS appears in the Course Catalog as online courses, with a Provider name of LinkedIn Learning, and these courses can be managed through the Course Catalog by administrators. LinkedIn Learning content displays with its original language and course duration time in the system.