Learning on Workplace by Facebook Integration - Overview

The Learning on Workplace by Facebook integration is available in the Edge Marketplace, making it possible for organizations to allow their learners to view and access learning playlists via Workplace, as well as allow playlist creators to post and share their playlists on Workplace. The Learning on Workplace by Facebook integration allows organizations to leverage Workplace's community functionality to encourage consumption of learning playlists within the learning management system (LMS).

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Learning on Workplace by Facebook Integration Guide.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Install the Learning on Workplace by Facebook Integration

Holly is a learning administrator at Ventonix, and she would like to install the Learning on Workplace Integration in Ventonix's learning management system (LMS), because she believes this collaboration tool would benefit employees at her organization. Holly navigates to the Edge Marketplace and clicks the Workplace by Facebook integration tile.

She clicks the button to install the integration and is then directed to the Setup page, where she selects the Setup Workplace by Facebook button. Holly is then redirected to Workplace to continue the integration installation process.

Use Case 2: Share a Playlist in Workplace Community

Artie, an employee at Ventonix, creates a playlist in the LMS and would like to share this with his peers in the Workplace community. In the LMS, Artie copies the playlist's deep link URL and then posts the link in his Workplace community.

Use Case 3: View Playlist Details from Workplace Community

A user sees a playlist that a peer has posted on her Workplace news feed. She is interested in finding out more information about the training included in the playlist and clicks on the preview tile to be directed to the LMS, where she can view the Playlist Details page and interact with training in the playlist.


The following considerations apply to this functionality:

  • The Learning on Workplace by Facebook integration can ONLY be enabled for Production portals. This integration cannot be enabled for Pilot, Stage, or Demo portals.
  • This integration is only available for organizations that reside on the LAX data center.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) functionality is not supported by this integration.


The Learning on Workplace by Facebook integration can be accessed and enabled through the Edge Marketplace. This integration can only be used with Production portals. There is no additional cost associated with this integration. This integration must be used in conjunction with the Learning module.