Online Content 1:1 Connector

Online Content is an all-purpose learning object for launching any kind of content hosted outside of the Cornerstone LMS. The content does not need to conform to existing learning standards such as SCORM, AICC, or xAPI. When used in tandem with the Progress API, Online Content can be tracked in detail, with information such as completion status, time spent, score, and progress passed back to Cornerstone LMS.

Supported Content Provider Connectors

  • CrossKnowledge
  • GetAbstract 1-1 Integration
  • Schoo
  • Teach on Mars
  • Udemy for Business

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Online Content Connector Integration Guide.


The Online Content 1:1 integration in Edge is only available in the Production portal environment for the supported Content Providers listed. To enable, please reach out to your Account Manager and complete a signed Order Form for either of the Content Provider connectors listed above. Once fully executed, please open a case to Global Customer Support and submit a Work Order to scope and complete this request. Please note that Online Content 1:1 integration connectors listed here are not available for Pilot or Stage environments unless an important business reason is provided. Upon validation of the business requirement, the request to enable the Online Content 1:1 integration connector in Pilot or Stage will require a signed Statement of Work (SoW).


The following prerequisites are associated with this integration:

  1. An active Content Subscription / Account with one of the supported Content Providers listed (purchased separately by the customer)
  2. Cornerstone portal should NOT have any existing content by the Content Provider. Content disablement is required if your Cornerstone portal has existing Content Provider content to avoid duplicate content being created.
    1. Contact the Cornerstone Global Customer Support team, requesting to disable the existing courses.
  3. This integration is NOT the same as a data-feed based integration. If you have an existing integration with the Content Provider and would like to activate the new integration, reach out to the following:
    1. Cornerstone Global Customer Support team, requesting to disable the existing integration.
    2. Content Provider team to disable the existing integration and resend the historical User Transcripts to Cornerstone following the enablement of the Online Content 1:1 integration connector.
  4. In order to complete the configuration of the Online Content 1:1 integration connector in Cornerstone, a CIID (Account ID) is required. This should be obtained either from the administrator who is configuring the integration in Content Provider's Online Learning Platform or the Content Provider consultant that is supporting the customer with the implementation.