Learning Assignment Tool API

The Learning Assignment Tool public API is available via the Edge Marketplace. This public API offers flexibility when a custom solution for the Learning Assignment Tool is required by an organization. With the new Learning Assignment API, users can enjoy many of the same features that exist in the Learning Assignment Tool user interface.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Learning Assignment Tool Starter Guide.

How does this benefit my organization?

Public APIs promote extensibility and allow organizations to interface with the system and its features in ways the system itself may not currently accommodate through its front-end user interfaces. Public APIs can be used to create custom solutions by any organization using internal development resources, partners, integrators, or other third party development resources.


The following Learning Assignment Tool features from the system are NOT supported by the Learning Assignment Tool public API:

  • Dynamic learning assignments (only standard assignments are supported)
  • Custom emails and ad hoc emails
  • Scheduling the assignment for the future (your organization can build a queuing system if needed)
  • Force Prerequisites option
  • Training Start Date option
  • The API does not currently support assigning instructor-led training (ILT) events and sessions in a Completed status if they occurred in the past

Learning Assignments created using the legacy Proxy Enrollment API will display on the Manage Learning Assignments page with their source listed as: "Created with Learning Assignment Tool." Assignments created using the new Learning Assignment Tool API display with a source of "Created with API." This is because the legacy API is not capable of distinguishing whether the assignment was created via API or via the Learning Assignment Tool user interface.


Cornerstone’s legacy Proxy Enrollment API, available as part of Cornerstone API, has been deprecated and replaced by the Learning Assignment API.


This public API requires the purchase of Cornerstone APIs. For organizations which have already purchased Cornerstone APIs, no additional purchase is required. A purchase inquiry for Cornerstone APIs can be submitted through the Edge Marketplace.

To access Cornerstone APIs in the Edge Marketplace, go to: Admin > Tools > Edge and click the Marketplace link. Search for and click the Cornerstone API tile. Click the Setup tab for setup instructions for the API.

Additional documentation about the Learning Assignment Tool public API is available in the API Explorer. To access the API Explorer independently of a Cornerstone portal, go to: https://apiexplorer.csod.com/apiconnectorweb/apiexplorer#/


The Learning Assignment API references the user's permissions, just as they are referenced for creation of an assignment via the Learning Assignment Tool in the system. The user account associated with the OAuth 2.0 application must have the required permissions to create a standard learning assignment using this API. The permissions required are listed in the API Explorer.

The following existing permission is needed to access the API Explorer from within the Cornerstone system:

Edge Develop - API Explorer Grants access to the API Explorer, which provides access to help documentation for various API applications. Edge