Transcript API

The Transcript API is a bundle of APIs providing access to the learner's transcript. The APIs follow the same business logic, security, rules, and events from the portal’s configuration.

The Transcript API supports the following features:

  • Data APIs (GET): Overview API; Detailed APIs; filters, multi-language support
  • Request API: Request training; Employee perspective
  • Assign API: Assign training; Manager and Learning Administrator perspective
  • Remove API: Remove training; bi-directional
  • Register API: Register a training​, Change an “Approved”​ learning record to “Registered"
  • Progress API: Change a “Registered”​ learning record to “In Progress"​
  • Complete API: Complete a learning record
  • Update API: Update transcript data​, Custom Fields​, Form Fields​, Due date
  • Archive API: Archive a transcript record, Move an archived record back to its original state
  • Approval API: Approve a training request, Deny a training request​
  • Withdraw API: Withdraw a user from a session they are registered for
  • Exempt API: Exempt a transcript record​

Developer Portal

For full documentation about the API, please see the Developer Portal:

Transcript API (Open Beta) Community

The Transcript API (Open Beta) Community in the Success Center provides the following:

  • API overview
  • Milestone plan
  • Question forum
  • Feedback forum

Link to community: Transcript API (Open Beta) community

Navigation path: Cornerstone Success Center > All Communities > Cornerstone Beta Community > Topics > Learning > Transcript API (Open Beta)


All the Transcript APIs can be self-enabled and tested in all portal environments (production, pilot, stage). Review the API documentation for new permissions, constraints and scopes.