Learning Object (LO) API

Use this API to create, update, and fetch training details from Cornerstone Learning.

The Learning Object (LO) API includes the following services:

  • Get LO - Obtain details of a learning object available to an active user in the portal. The API only supports the following learning types: Curriculum, Event, Session, Material, Test, Video, and Online Course
  • Create LO - Create a new learning object. All business rules configured in the portal are observed for this call. The actual payload can vary depending on the type of learning object.
    • Event
    • Session
    • Online Course - This is a shell course; it is not launchable
    • Material - This is a URL without versioning functionality.
  • Update LO - Use this endpoint to update existing ILT Sessions in Cornerstone Learning. You cannot update learning objects of type other than ILT Sessions using this endpoint.


For full documentation about the API, please see the API Explorer: https://apiexplorer.csod.com/apiconnectorweb/apiexplorer#/