Learning Assignment API

The Learning Assignment API provides the ability to create standard learning assignments in Cornerstone Learning. It enables you to build integrations where the goal is to assign training to your learners. Standard learning assignments process and assign training once. An ideal use case for this API is to assign training to users based on event triggers that were previously performed manually, or not performed at all due to technical restrictions.

The Learning Assignment API includes the following services:

  • Create Standard Assignment - Use this endpoint to create a standard learning assignment in Cornerstone. You can add training to users' transcripts in Approved, Assigned, and Registered status using this API.
  • Get Assignment - Once you submit a learning assignment, you can check the status of your assignment using this endpoint.
  • Search Assignments - Use this endpoint to search for and retrieve details on an assignment created via the API or the Learning Assignment Tool.


For full documentation about the API, please see the API Explorer: https://apiexplorer.csod.com/apiconnectorweb/apiexplorer#/