Express Class API

The Express Class API provides the ability to easily document gathered learning after the learning takes place and give transcript credit to the learners.

The Express Class API includes the following services:

  • Create Express Class - This service creates an Express Class process and, in turn, creates a completed transcript record for users. The following learning object types are supported:
    • Event (using Express Class, it is possible to complete an event without completing a session)
    • Material
    • Online Class
    • Test
    • Video

Use Cases

Use case #1: Training Capture via Badge Scanning

Richard is an L&D Leader at ACME and prefers that his training facilitators access Express Class functionality within their current systems. His training facilitators usually have attendees scan their RFID badges and then they record those users for a selected training item. With the public API, Richard’s IT resources can integrate the necessary components of Express Class into their current systems to accomplish their use cases without requiring his facilitators to access and use Cornerstone’s Express Class user interface.

Use case #2: Just in Time Training

Laurie is an IT Leader at ACME, which operates restaurant locations across the country. ACME’s restaurants regularly accommodate new employees who require frequent training, and this consumes a lot of ACME’s resources due to the burden of coordinating group training sessions. With the public API, Laurie’s IT resources can integrate necessary components of Express Class into systems that are at the employee’s fingertips, allowing employees to educate themselves with training content and receive credit for the training. Laurie can reduce ACME’s need for costly group training sessions, increase the efficiency of the organization, and assist in tracking training completions for her compliance needs.

Use case #3: Building a Chatbot

Dinesh is an L&D leader at ACME, a company that uses conversational user interfaces to accomplish many tasks. Dinesh wants to test users and capture their results using a chatbot, which appears after a viewer has completed a training item. Using Express Class’s public API, Dinesh can enable his IT team to build a conversational chatbot which records scores for the training and submits them to the viewer’s transcript in a Complete, Incomplete, or Failed status. The viewer then receives credit for the training without logging into the Learning Management System (LMS).

Use case #4: Supporting Alternate Modalities

Jarod is an Operations Manager at ACME, an organization which uses touchscreen systems for new employees. Dinesh, a new employee, uses the touchscreen system to complete an onboarding evaluation which communicates results to ACME’s Learning Management System. Using Express Class’s public API, ACME is able to integrate Express Class functionality alongside their touchscreen evaluation process, capture the applicant’s score, and store completion information for future reporting.


The following considerations apply to this functionality:

  • This API is "Create only." It can only submit attendees with a status to the transcript.
  • This API does not support read, update, or delete operations at this time.
  • The Express Class - Manage permission is required in order to access the Express Class public API
  • The constraints applied to the Express Class - Manage permission are also applicable to the Express Class public API. For example, if a user has permission to manage express class, and the permission is constrained to X users, the user can only submit for those users via the public API.


This public API requires the purchase of Cornerstone APIs. For organizations which have already purchased Cornerstone APIs, no additional purchase is required. A purchase inquiry for Cornerstone APIs can be submitted through the Edge Marketplace.

To access Cornerstone APIs in the Edge Marketplace, go to: Admin > Tools > Edge and click the Marketplace link. Search for and click the Cornerstone API tile. Click the Setup tab for setup instructions for the API.

Additional documentation about the Express Class API is available in the API Explorer. To access the API Explorer independently of a Cornerstone portal, go to:


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Express Class - Manage Grants the ability to create and add users to an Express Class for a facilitated training session. This permission can be constrained by OU, User, User Self and Subordinates, and User's OU. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration