Edge Import - Online Content (OLCO) Integration Solution

A 1:1 Content Integration solution is available for content vendors who prefer file-based content integrations over an API-based content integration. This integration solution allows syncing content from a content provider and Online Content (OLCO) transcripts. Both manual and automated scheduled feeds are supported.

The Edge Import OLCO Integration Solution includes the following:

  • Online Content (OLCO) Feed
    • Create new online content by providing new unique Online Content ID values
    • Update existing online content by providing an existing Online Content ID or Learning Object ID
    • Only import content if the vendor URL matches the approved content vendor list, which is configured during activation
    • Perform manual one-time loads or set up a feed to automate the import of Online Content files
  • Online Content (OLCO) Transcript Feed
    • Import learner's registration and completion transcripts
    • Perform manual one-time loads or set up a feed to automate the import of Online Content Transcript files

Benefits for Customer:

  • File-based integration solution for content vendors that prefer this method
  • Self-serviceable solution
  • Edge Import product experienced customers would find it easy to learn and implement this new OLCO integration solution

Benefit for Content Vendor:

  • Repeat Value - Following the initial implementation of this integration, content vendors can reuse the knowledge gained to integrate their content with other mutual customers already using Cornerstone Learning CSX
  • Market Ready for content integration with other CSX customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This functionality is enabled in two steps:

  1. The customer and vendor agree on content licensing.
  2. The customer contacts their Account Manager to initiate onboarding and purchase this integration solution.