Cornerstone OnDemand and Coursera for Business Integration - Configure in Edge

The Cornerstone OnDemand and Coursera for Business integration can be enabled via the Edge Marketplace and configured using Edge Integrations.

To access the Edge Marketplace, go to: Admin > Tools > Edge and click the Marketplace link.

Coursera Integration - Edge Marketplace

In the Edge Marketplace, you can find the Coursera integration by searching or browsing. To learn more about the Coursera integration or begin the enablement and configuration process, click the Coursera integration tile.

The page for the Coursera integration provides access to the following tabs for learning more about and managing the integration:

  • Vendor - This tab provides information about the vendor that provides the integration. Here, you can view more information about Coursera.
  • Integration - This tab provides information about the integration itself and how it can be used with the learning management system (LMS).
  • Pricing - This tab provides information about the costs associated with the integration. Note: The Coursera integration has an annual cost.
  • Setup - This tab provides information about how to configure the integration once enabled. The integration can be configured via Edge Integrations.

Coursera Integration - Edge Integrations

Once the Coursera integration has been added through the Edge Marketplace, the integration can be managed and configured from Edge Integrations. The Integrations page for the integration provides access to setup options which the administrator can use to customize the behavior of the Coursera integration. See the Setup tab for the Coursera integration in the Edge Marketplace for more information about the configuration options available.