Cisco Webex Meetings SSO

The Cisco Webex integration enables organizations to utilize the Webex Single Sign On (SSO) functionality. When Webex SSO is enabled, Webex instructors are not required to enter their passwords when creating and launching meetings.

This integration includes Webex SSO Partner Delegated Authentication (PDA), which enables organizations to use their own SSO provider or have no SSO provider for their Webex portal.


Organizations can use SSO for the Webex Administrator account. However, it is NOT supported to enable MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication) in Webex for this account.

The Webex SSO (PDA) functionality only follows the "Launch Meeting as Instructor" workflow and does not support the creation of meetings or instructors.

Migration is not supported for this functionality. Webex SSO (PDA) only works for sessions that are created after the configuration. Sessions created prior to SSO (PDA) setup still require the integration to use instructor passwords.

Webex only allows one SAML certificate to authenticate users. This means that if SSO is set up between Cornerstone and Webex, the organization can only access Webex via the Cornerstone system. In this scenario, the organization cannot use SSO from multiple platforms into the same Webex account.


  • This functionality is disabled by default. Contact Global Customer Support to enable via a Billable Work Order across environments.
  • Prior to enabling Webex SSO within the Cornerstone portal, organizations must request SSO from Webex and have the SAML metadata imported to their Webex support site.


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