Catalog Connector API - AICC Course Integration with LCMS Vendors - Overview

The Catalog Connector API allows you to transfer content automatically between content vendors and the Cornerstone platform. With this API, 3rd party AICC courses are automatically synchronized to the course catalog, and the administrators do not need to manually upload them to the system. Note: This functionality is currently only available for organizations using TTS as their LCMS.

Use Case

Jennifer is a learning administrator at ACME Co, where she is responsible for uploading and managing content to their LMS. Her company uses a 3rd party vendor to create and store online courses prior to publishing them in the LMS.

Because the vendor ACME uses supports the Cornerstone Catalog Connector API and also initiated the integration for it, Jennifer does not need to export the vendor's content and upload it to the system herself. On a daily basis, courses that are ready to be published are automatically synchronized and published to the LMS. Once synchronized, Jennifer can access and manage the courses from the Course Catalog.


  • The Catalog Connector integration requires the 3rd party vendor to support the Catalog Connector API. Provided API specifications will allow 3rd party LCMS and AICC vendors to be compliant with Cornerstone API for seamless integration.
  • Only online courses in AICC format can be synchronized using the Catalog Connector API.


This functionality can be requested from Global Customer Support. The Catalog Connector API can be used with 3rd party content vendors which support the Catalog Connector API.

To set up an integration with a vendor, contact Global Customer Support and provide the following information:

  • Integration Name - The name of the integration
  • Provider Name - An existing system Provider
  • Provider URL - The Provider URL, as provided by the 3rd party vendor
  • Authentication URL - The vendor's authentication URL, as provided by the 3rd party vendor
  • Client ID - The client ID, as provided by the 3rd party vendor.
  • Client Secret Key - The client key code, as provided by the 3rd party vendor
  • Sync Time - The time at which online courses should be automatically published and synched from the vendor each day

Once Global Customer Support registers the vendor, the integration is ready for use.