Adobe Connect Meeting Room Integration

The Adobe Connect Meeting Room integration allows for seamless creation of virtual meetings that can host up to 100 meeting participants. The integration gives users the ability ot execute on all phases of the meeting setup and execution from within Cornerstone's Learning Management System (LMS). This vILT integration allows Learning Administrators to add instructors, create and manage sessions, and track attendance from within Cornerstone. Adobe Connect sessions can be launched from Cornerstone directly into Adobe Connect.

When an instructor is selected for an Adobe Connect vILT session, the instructor is automatically designated as a host for the Adobe Connect session.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Adobe Connect Meeting Room Integration Guide.

Use Case

  1. An administrator working inside the LMS is setting up webinar training that will be attended by the entire company. She creates the session inside the LMS and assigns an instructor. The assigned instructor is automatically designated as a host for the session.
  2. Because there will be less than 100 attendees, she decides to use one of her company's licensed Meeting Rooms with Adobe Connect.
  3. One of the facilities inside of the LMS is mapped to the appropriate Meeting Room in Adobe Connect. The administrator makes sure that the location of the session is using a location with that facility so that the meeting will be held inside the Meeting Room.
  4. The webinar is assigned to the entire company and when it comes time for the session to start, the attendees launch the webinar directly from their transcripts and are taken directly into the Meeting Room inside of Adobe Connect.


Webinars and Adobe Webinar licenses are not supported.


The Adobe Connect Meeting Room integration requires purchase through Edge Marketplace. This integration requires Cornerstone Learning and at least one Adobe Connect administrator account.

Once the integration has been purchased, the functionality is not available until the integration is configured and enabled via Edge Integrations.