TalentLink - Cornerstone Core Cloud Integration

Cornerstone offers a standard Integration between Cornerstone Core and TalentLink system. The cloud integration connects the two systems using the available public web services and pre-defined field mappings.

Integration allows the replication of structural data and forms the basis for an efficient use of both solutions. Integration provides a seamless user experience for HR Users, approvers and Hiring Managers.

This integration includes the following key features:

  • One-Way Single Sign On login from Cornerstone Core into TalentLink.
  • Import and replicate Organization unit (OU) from Cornerstone Core into TalentLink Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS).
  • Automated Cornerstone User access to SSO links based on TalentLink User status and type of User.
  • Audit log for every integration run is sent to TalentLink system administrator which is accessible in the TalentLink message center.

Edge Integration Guide

Select this link to download the TalentLink - Cornerstone Core Cloud Integration.