Org Planning Integration Single Sign On via SAML 2.0 (Early Adopter)

By integrating with Org Planning, a product added to the Cornerstone portfolio as part of the Saba acquisition, organizations can easily visualize, plan, and model organizational data.

  • Organizations must activate the Org Planning Integration via the Edge Integrate Marketplace.
  • To request the new Org Planning Integration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace and select the Org Planning tile.

Key features

  • Conditional formatting – Configure chart views using conditional formatting capability. These views can be based on the direct feed from Cornerstone and calculated fields defined in Org Planning.
  • HR Metrics – Create unique chart styles using formula fields.
  • Dynamic Chart Filtering - Highlight specific parts of the chart or exclude those that are less relevant.
  • Plan and modeling feature – Create snapshots and simulate org changes along with impact analysis. Analysis can be done using any information available in your views
  • Drag and drop restructuring - Drag and drop entire branches, easily add new managers or subordinates.
  • Planning against business goals – Delegate plans to individuals or teams and include dedicated business goals.
  • Track changes log – Track plan changes with a granular track changes log.
  • Smart Search/Smart Lists/Comparing – Narrow information down to view only what is necessary for the specific task.
  • Archiving – Keep track of how an organization evolved over time. Also for compliance use cases.
  • Upcoming Roadmap Features – Manage new features that may be part of new releases.
  • Printing – Publish org charts to Adobe (.pdf), PowerPoint (.ppt), or Excel (xls).

Cornerstone also provides a daily data refresh of employee data and photographs into Org Planning.

Self-service extensions via flexible field mapping UI

Org Planning provides self-service flexibility to customize the scope of fields that fit into organizational planning as follows:

  • Reporting 2.0 – A dedicated report to include/exclude selected fields as part of the data exchange.
  • Org Planning Domain Fields – Enables these fields and defines processing.

Getting Started

To get organizations up-and-running right away, the following is provided:

  • A set of best practice views and profile cards:
    • An employee directory
    • Spans and layers
    • Workforce counts
  • A pre-defined security model for admin, managers, and individual contributor roles.

Integration Guide

Click here to view the Org Planning Integration Single Sign On via SAML 2.0 Guide.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Org Planning delivers value to your entire workforce with secure, up-to-date org charts for every manager and employee, showing just the data appropriate to their position and role.
  • Org Planning brings together information for a holistic view of your workforce.
  • Org Planning provides a powerful visualization solution to give executives, managers, and human resources the power to thoroughly understand the organization, along with metrics and key performance indicators as a basis for critical organizational decision making.


  • This integration is enabled upon request. For additional information and assistance, click the "Get Started" button inside the Org Planning Integration tile in Edge Marketplace and complete the form. A Cornerstone representative will contact you.
  • Org Planning is only available in the Production environment.
  • Single Sign On is available in the Org Planning (Early Adopter) phase. Org Planning can be integrated as a Service Provider application within a SAML 2.0 Framework. This functionality works best for customers who can extend their existing Identity Provider implementation.
  • Org Planning works with the following browsers:
    • Windows OS: Chrome, Edge Chromium, Firefox
    • Mac OS: Safari (excluding administration features)