Org Planning Integration (Early Adopter)

By integrating with Org Planning, a product added to the Cornerstone portfolio as part of the Saba acquisition, organizations can easily visualize, plan, and model organizational data.

  • Organizations must activate the Org Planning Integration via the Edge Integrate Marketplace.
  • To request the new Org Planning Integration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace and select the Org Planning tile.

Key features

  • Conditional formatting – Configure chart views using conditional formatting capability. These views can be based on the direct feed from Cornerstone and calculated fields defined in Org Planning.
  • HR Metrics – Create unique chart styles using formula fields.
  • Dynamic Chart Filtering - Highlight specific parts of the chart or exclude those that are less relevant.
  • Plan and modeling feature – Create snapshots and simulate org changes along with impact analysis. Analysis can be done using any information available in your views
  • Drag and drop restructuring - Drag and drop entire branches, easily add new managers or subordinates.
  • Planning against business goals – Delegate plans to individuals or teams and include dedicated business goals.
  • Track changes log – Track plan changes with a granular track changes log.
  • Smart Search/Smart Lists/Comparing – Narrow information down to view only what is necessary for the specific task.
  • Archiving – Keep track of how an organization evolved over time. Also for compliance use cases.
  • Upcoming Roadmap Features – Manage new features that may be part of new releases.
  • Printing – Publish org charts to Adobe (.pdf), PowerPoint (.ppt), or Excel (xls).

Cornerstone also provides a daily data refresh of employee data and photographs into Org Planning.

Self-service extensions via flexible field mapping UI

Org Planning provides self-service flexibility to customize the scope of fields that fit into organizational planning as follows:

  • Reporting 2.0 – A dedicated report to include/exclude selected fields as part of the data exchange.
  • Org Planning Domain Fields – Enables these fields and defines processing.

Getting Started

To get organizations up-and-running right away, the following is provided:

  • A set of best practice views and profile cards:
    • An employee directory
    • Spans and layers
    • Workforce counts
  • A pre-defined security model for admin, managers, and individual contributor roles.

Integration Guide

Click here to view the Org Planning Integration Guide.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Org Planning delivers value to your entire workforce with secure, up-to-date org charts for every manager and employee, showing just the data appropriate to their position and role.
  • Org Planning brings together information for a holistic view of your workforce.
  • Org Planning provides a powerful visualization solution to give executives, managers, and human resources the power to thoroughly understand the organization, along with metrics and key performance indicators as a basis for critical organizational decision making.


  • This integration is enabled upon request. For additional information and assistance, click the "Get Started" button inside the Org Planning Integration tile in Edge Marketplace and complete the form. A Cornerstone representative will contact you.
  • Org Planning is only available in the Production environment.
  • Single Sign On is available in the Org Planning (Early Adopter) phase. Org Planning can be integrated as a Service Provider application within a SAML 2.0 Framework. This functionality works best for customers who can extend their existing Identity Provider implementation.
  • Org Planning works with the following browsers:
    • Windows OS: Chrome, Edge Chromium, Firefox
    • Mac OS: Safari (excluding administration features)