Reporting API

The Reporting API allows you to retrieve data from your Cornerstone Real-time Data Warehouse. All fields from the Real-Time Data Warehouse (Reporting Database) are exposed. That means all fields available for Custom Reporting and Reporting 2.0 are also available via Reporting API. The Reporting API adheres to the OData protocol and dynamically adjusts to reflect any customer’s schema (i.e., custom fields are included).

OData (Open Data Protocol)

OData is an open protocol (OASIS standard) that defines best practices for building and consuming RESTful APIs. OData supports enhanced querying and filtering options, making it possible to perform powerful data queries right from the beginning. Cornerstone is currently using OData version 4.0. Please note that not every published OData option ( is available. Only selected fields can be queried from a Reporting view. Please see the API Explorer for more details on the options you have with Cornerstone's implementation of OData.


There is no option to perform any joins between reporting views in a single service call. Because of this, there are two recommended solutions to bring in data from various views into a single report:

  • Iterative Loops - Build a looping mechanism to pull in information from multiple tables.
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) to Internal Server - In this approach, you can pull various views into a local database in which you are able to create and manage your own queries, views, and security.

API Documentation and Starter Guide

Documentation for all available APIs is available in the API Explorer for general access.

If you are not logged into your Cornerstone portal, you may want to do so since the documentation for certain Reporting API endpoints, such as those related to custom fields, adjust based on your portal's schema.