Organizational Unit (OU) API (Early Adopter)

The Organizational Unit (OU) API is available for early adopter organizations to create, read, and update their organizational data in real-time.

The OU API provides robust handling for full feature management of OUs:

  1. Fetch OU types
  2. Fetch OU custom fields
  3. Search OUs by type, name, or identifier
  4. Create, update, view, and mark OUs inactive

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This public API allows organizations to manage their organizational data in real-time. Use the OU API to build real-time integrations to manage your organization's structure with no dependency on Cornerstone for development.

API Explorer

Documentation for all available APIs is available in the API Explorer for general access.


  • The OU API leverages the same permissions and constraints required to manage OUs in the portal.
  • Group management is not supported with this API.


Organizations can purchase and enable the OU API through the Edge Marketplace as a part of Cornerstone Foundational API’s. There are new scopes for OU API endpoints. These new scopes are visible while registering a new OAuth 2.0 application or modifying an existing OAuth 2.0 application. Clients with existing OAuth2 apps must explicitly select the OU API scopes before they can start making calls to the OU API endpoints. Additional documentation is available in the API Explorer upon release of the OU API.


The OU API respects the same permissions and constraints on the following permissions:

OU Hierarchy - Manage Grants ability to create and update/edit organizational units. This permission grants access to all OU types, both standard and custom. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. This is an administrator permission. Core Administration
Grades - View Grants ability to view the Grade Organizational Unit throughout the system, such as in availability drop down selectors, when editing users, etc. Those without this permission do not see the Grade OU on any screen. This is primarily an administrator permission, although organizational policy should determine whether the Grade OU should be visible to end users on reporting screens, etc. Core Administration