Employee/OU API

The Employee/OU API allows organizations to create, update, and fetch employee and organizational unit (OU) details from Cornerstone. The Employee/OU API appears as a single tile in API Explorer, and it includes two APIs:

  • Employee API v2 (Early Adopter) contains enhanced versions of the Employee API endpoints.
  • The Organizational Unit (OU) API provides robust handling for full feature management of OUs. The OU API is now in General Availability with the release of Employee API v2. Detailed API documentation can be found in the Edge API Explorer.

API Explorer

Documentation for all available APIs is available in the API Explorer for general access.


Organizations can purchase and enable the Employee/OU API through the Edge Marketplace as a part of Cornerstone Foundational APIs. There are new scopes for API endpoints. Additional documentation is available in the API Explorer upon release of the API.