Approvals API

The Approvals API enables users to view, approve, and deny requests on the user's Universal profile page. Using this API, organizations can review and manage approvals for development plans, forms, goals, offer letters, peers, requisition approval, requisition requests, and training forms.

The Approvals API can be used with the following approval types:

  • Development Plans
  • Forms
  • Goals
  • Offer Letters
  • Peers
  • Requisition Approval
  • Requisition Requests
  • Training Forms

The Approvals API includes the following services:

  • Get Approval Details - Get all pending approval items for the supported approval types for a given user.
  • Post Approval Details - Approve or deny a pending approval item.

The user included in the request must have permission to access the Request tab in Universal Profile.


For full documentation about the API, please see the API Explorer: