CSX and EdCast Skills Integration

Customers leveraging both CSX and EdCast can now have an integrated experience for skills with consistent skills libraries and the ability to modify user Skill Profiles in either platform, keeping both in sync.

With this integration, administrators no longer need to administer skills in CSX and EdCast separately. The CSX and EdCast integration simplifies the administrator and end-user experiences by synchronizing appropriate data between systems. This results in easier adoption, greater data integrity, and a consistent and intuitive user experience.

This integration provides the following features:

  • One-way synchronization of skills from the CSX Capability Library to EdCast via Skills Studio
  • Bi-directional sync of user-related skills data, such as declared and developing skills and self-ratings, between CSX and EdCast

Skill library synchronization includes the unique skill ID, title, description, created or modified user, date and time of creation or modification, source, localizations, status, and categories.

User profile synchronization includes the unique user ID, skill ID, and action (declared, developing, removed).

Skill rating synchronization consists of the user who received and shared the rating and the rating level.


Existing customers leveraging CSX and EdCast can submit a case to customer support to enable the integration. Integrations for existing customers will be managed on a case-by-case basis. There may be added complexity if skills are already in use in both systems, especially if different skills taxonomies are enabled in each.

This integration is not available in stage portals.