ADP Workforce Now (WFN) Marketplace Subscriptions

The ADP Marketplace enables partners, such as Cornerstone to create and publish integrations to which other organizations can subscribe.

With this enhancement, organizations can use subscriptions to purchase Cornerstone/ADP integrations from the ADP Marketplace. For organizations that use ADP Workforce Now (WFN) as a solution for their Human Resources data, the marketplace subscription is a process that allows them to purchase Cornerstone/ADP integrations from the ADP Marketplace, providing a seamless configuration between ADP and Edge Marketplace.

Credentials are securely transferred when an integration is purchased, and the portal is automatically enabled. Organizations can create a subscription and cancel subscriptions. When configuring the integration within ADP Marketplace, administrators are required to enter their Cornerstone portal name so that it can be automatically configured to retrieve the API credentials. Cornerstone will configure URLs that will receive subscription notifications.


This functionality is available to all organizations, and it must be enabled via the Edge Marketplace and ADP Marketplace. Organizations must have an ADP Workforce Now account.

Administrators can subscribe to a Cornerstone/ADP integration by following these steps:

  1. Access the ADP Marketplace, and then search for and subscribe to the appropriate Cornerstone/ADP integration.
  2. An access token is sent via email to the administrator.
  3. Access the Edge Marketplace, and then search for and enable to the same Cornerstone/ADP integration. You must provide the access token to complete the integration setup.