Enable CareerBuilder Background Check Integration

To enable the CareerBuilder Background Check integration in Edge, perform the actions listed below.

  1. Select and purchase the CareerBuilder Background Check integration through the Edge Marketplace
    • Navigation: Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace
  2. Activate the CareerBuilder Background Check integration on Edge Integrate
    • Navigation: Admin > Tools > Edge > Integrate
  3. Configure the integration on the Edge Settings page
    • Customer ID - This is the client’s unique identifier that enables CareerBuilder to authorize background check submissions from Cornerstone. This code is provided to the client by their CareerBuilder project team.

Additional Information

  • You must have an existing contract with CareerBuilder Background Check.
  • You must work with your CareerBuilder project team to purchase and configure their screening packages.
  • No migration is required.
  • The activation of the integration is a one-time activity per environment (Stage, Pilot, Production).
  • The integration cannot be purchased independently of a product line.
  • The cost will be displayed on Edge when you purchase the integration.