Online Help Topics Related to Broadbean

The following topics in Online Help provide information about the configuration and functionality for the Broadbean integration:

  • Broadbean Configuration in Edge - This topic provides instructions for configuring Broadbean in Edge. See Broadbean Configuration in Edge.
  • Broadbean OFCCP Integration - This topic provides information about the Broadbean OFCCP integration. See Broadbean OFCCP Integration.
  • My Account - Social - This topic explains how to connect your user account to Broadbean so that you are already connected to Broadbean when posting jobs on the Job Postings page. See My Account - Social.
  • Edit Job Board Cost - This topic covers job board costs related to Broadbean.See Edit Job Board Cost.
  • Create Job Requisition - General - This topic mentions that jobs posted via Broadbean will only show the primary location for the job, rather than any additional locations that are configured for the requisition. See Create Job Requisition - General.
  • Job Posting Page - This topic covers external job postings. See Job Posting Page.
  • Requisition Level Costs - This topic provides information about requisition level costs. See Requisition Level Costs.
  • Edit Job Requisition - For Broadbean postings, this topic provides information about the impact of the Canceled and Closed status on Broadbean postings. See Edit Job Requisition.
  • Create job Requisition - Job Ad - For Broadbean integrations, this topic provides information on how the Job Postings page is populated with available jobs. See Create Job Requisition - Job Ad.