Manage Favorites

You can tag your favorite Insights and access them from a Favorites section at the top of the Insights homepage. Creating favorites provides a quick way for you to access your most used Insights so that you do not have to scroll down on the homepage to find them.

Add and Manage Favorites

To add and manage favorites:

  1. Click the plus icon at the top of the Insights homepage. This opens the Browse tab on the Manage Favorites flyout.
  2. Select the box next to each Insight you want to favorite. There is no limit to the number of favorites.
  3. Deselect a box to remove the Insight as a favorite.
  4. Click Save.

Your favorites will appear at the top of the Insights homepage. When an Insight is a favorite, it no longer appears in its default location on the homepage.

To view your list of favorites, click the Favorites tab in the Manage Favorites flyout.