Manage Vendors & Instructors

The Vendors and Instructors feature allows you to add internal or external ILT providers (vendors) and instructors, track details of these providers, and manage information about all ILT vendors and instructors.

To manage vendors and instructors, go to ILT > Vendors & Instructors.

Vendors and Instructors

To search for an existing vendor, enter the vendor name in the search field and click Search. To include only active vendors in the search results, select the View active vendors only option.

To view instructor requests, click the View Instructor Requests button. See Instructor Requests - View.

To add a new vendor, click the Add New Vendor link. See Vendor - Add/Edit.

In the Vendors table, all existing vendors display. The following information displays for each vendor:

  • Vendor Name - The name of the vendor.
  • Contact Name - The name of the contact associated with the vendor.
  • Phone - The phone number for the contact person.
  • Active - This displays whether or not the vendor is active.

To edit an existing vendor, click the Edit icon to the right of the vendor. The editing process is similar to the process of adding a vendor. See Vendor - Add/Edit.

To view and manage the instructors associated with a vendor, click the Instructors link to the right of the vendor. See Instructors - Add/Edit.