Session Roster Overview

The session roster allows instructors and administrators to see a list of all users who are scheduled to attend a session, as well as users who would like to attend the session and are awaiting an exception or opening in the class. The instructor-led training session roster is a central place where administrators or instructors can view and manage the users that are registered for a session or have requested the session. Administrators can manage sessions that have waitlists and sessions where multiple users must be transferred to another session of an event. Instructors can manage assignments as well as attendance and scoring. When the session has concluded, the final roster can be submitted.

Design Note: An updated interface is available for this page, which can be enabled by administrators in Feature Activation Preferences. With the new design, the functionality of the page is unchanged. The new interface will be automatically enabled in all production portals with the Q1 2024 Release along with a reminder of about the deprecation of legacy UI page's timeline. The customers will still have the option to disable them. With the Q3 2024 Release, the new interface will be permanently enabled in all production, stage, and pilot portals and the legacy user interface pages will no longer be available.

To access the ILT session roster, go to ILT > Manage Events & Sessions. Search for the appropriate event and next to the event in the search results, in the Options column, click the View Sessions icon . This option is only available to users with permission to view sessions. Next to the appropriate session, in the Options column, click the View Roster icon .

The Roster page is comprised of three tabs:

  • Roster - This is the default tab and is always visible. This tab provides an overview of the session, including roster and schedule.
  • Assignments - This tab only appears if the session has prerequisites, pre-work, or post-work.
  • Attendance and Scoring - This tab is always visible and enables the administrator or instructor to track attendance and scoring.

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Troubleshooting Information

The following page contains a quick reference card to guide you through the process of managing the session roster: