Manage Events and Sessions

Events are instructor-led training courses that contain general information about the course, such as the description, the objectives, the vendor, and the subjects. Because there are typically many instances of one course held at different times and locations by different instructors, every event can occur at a variety of times and places. In the system, these scheduled instances of an event are referred to as sessions. Events do contain some default session information, such as the course prerequisites, the course evaluation, and the registration procedures, but these defaults may be modified at the session level.

Creating events allows ILT Administrators to avoid re-inventing the wheel every time a new instance of the same course must be scheduled. The Event remains the constant so that the administrator has the flexibility to schedule and repeat the same learning experience an indefinite number of times, without ever re-entering the basic course information.

Design Note: This page has an updated interface (UI) that is automatically enabled. However, administrators can still revert to legacy UI via Feature Activation Preferences. The page's functionality is unchanged with the new design. With the July 26, 2024 Release, the new UI will be permanently enabled in all production, stage, and pilot portals, and the legacy UI pages will no longer be available. The new UIs disabled in March will be auto-enabled in July.

Note: Only the events for which you have the availability to view will display.

Note: Events for which the provider is inactive do not display. To verify if a provider is active, go to ILT > Vendors & Instructors and make sure the vendor the event you are searching for is active.

On the Manage Events & Sessions page, both events and sessions can be searched, allowing for quick and convenient access to events and sessions. Filter options are also available to define the search criteria.


View users who are on a waitlist. See Session Roster - Roster - Waitlists.

Exception Requests

View users who have requested training and have an exception. See Exception Requests.

Interest Tracking

View users who have expressed an interest for an ILT event. See Interest Tracking.

Search for all Events

Search for existing events. See ILT Event Overview - Search for Events .

Search for all Sessions

Search for existing sessions. See ILT Event Overview - Search for Sessions.

Create New Event

For documentation about creating events, See ILT Event - Create/Edit.

Export to Excel

Click this link to export the list of events to Excel. The spreadsheet will download to your computer in .xlsx format. Note: This export is limited to the first 1,000 records. If there are more than 1,000 records, then only the first 1,000 are included in the Excel file.

See also:

Helpful Hints - Event Availability

  • Events which are not available to users will not be visible to users.
  • The availability of an event becomes the default availability of sessions within the event, but availability may be overridden at the session level.
  • Users may search for sessions that are available to them for an event that is not available to them by using the Events Calendar.