Resources - Manage

Individual resources can be viewed and managed for each facility via the Resources page.

To access the Resources page for a facility, go to ILT > Facilities and Resources. Then, click the Resources link next to a facility.


The following features are available on the Resources page:

  • Search - Use the search bar to search for existing resources.
  • View Active Resources Only - Select this option to display only active resources in search results.
  • Add a New Resource - Click this link to add a new resource.
  • Active - Check or uncheck this box to make resource active or inactive.
  • Edit - Click this icon to edit an existing resource.

Add Resource

To add a resource:

  1. Click the Add a New Resource link.
  2. Populate the following fields and options:
    • Resource Name - Enter the name of the resource (required field).
    • Owner - Select an owner of the resource.
    • Quantity - Enter number (required field).
    • Active - Check this option to make the resource active.
    • Approval Required - Check this option if the resource requires approval before it is used.
    • Reusable - Check this option if the resource can be reused.
  3. Click the Submit button. The resource will be added to the facility.