Facility - Add

Adding a location from facilities and resources adds this location in your Location Organizational Unit hierarchy and can also be accessed via the Admin page or for administrators with appropriate rights.

To add a facility, go to ILT > Facilities and Resources. Then, click the Add Facility link.

Adobe Connect Integration Note: When creating an Adobe Connect seminar room facility, certain information must be entered in order to map it to the seminar room in Adobe Connect. See Move Session to Adobe Connect Seminar Room.


  • Name - enter name of facility (required field).
  • ID - enter an ID (required if Allow Reconciliation is checked).
  • Description - enter the Facility description.


  • Parent - select facility parent (required and defaults to corporate OU/root parent for entire hierarchy if not selected).
  • Owner - select Owner. Location Owners will be responsible for granting ILT facility requests for this location. When a facility is requested, the Facility Request email is sent to the Location Owner if the email is activated.
  • Active - check to make facility active.
  • Allow Reconciliation - check to compare this record to incoming data feeds. Note - if adding a training room, best practice is to leave allow reconciliation unchecked as this facility will be unlikely to be in your data feed.

Facility Information

  • Facility Type -Select facility type from the drop-down list.
  • Country - Select from drop-down list.
  • Address #1 - Enter 1st line of address. The address for a location is used to show a map for that location (via www.mapquest.com) when a user clicks on the View Map link for that location on the ILT Training Details page.
  • Address #2 - Enter 2nd line of address.
  • City - Enter City.
  • State - Select from drop-down list.
  • Postal Code - Enter postal code.
  • Time Zone - Select from drop-down (required field). The time zone entered for a Location will automatically set the time zone for all ILT session start dates which are scheduled at that location.
  • Contact - Enter a contact.
  • Phone - Enter the contact's phone number.
  • Fax - Enter the contact's fax number.
  • Email - Enter the contact's email (for informational purposes only).
  • Occupancy - Enter the maximum number of people that can be within the facility.
  • Approval Required - Check if approval required from Location Owner for sessions scheduled at this location.
  • On Site - Check if this location is on-site.


Click Save to create the facility.