Facilities and Resources Administration

Managing Facilities and Resources allows the administrator to manage and track facilities used for instructor-led training sessions as well as the resources used in each location. Administrators can respond to facilities and resource requests and approve or deny use of facilities and resources.


To search for an existing facility, use the Search for Facility Name field. To include only active facilities in the display, select the View Active Facilities Only option. To include offsite and onsite facilities in the display, select the View Both On-Site and Off-Site Facilities option.

The following information is displayed for each facility in the table:

  • Facility - This displays the name of the facility. If there are subordinate facilities (facilities within a facility), you can click the Expand icon to the left of the facility name to view them.
  • Type
  • GMT Offset
  • Facility E-mail
  • Active
  • On-site
  • View Usage - Click the View Usage link to view the facility usage, based on an eight hour work day. This option is only available if the resource is a room. In addition, the usage value does not include usage for future sessions.

To edit an existing facility, click the Edit icon .

To view the resources associated with a facility, click the Resources link. See Resources - Manage.

Helpful Hints

  • By designating a facility and or resource approver, administrators have the ability to prevent sessions that utilize these resources from being scheduled without an approver's confirmation.